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Feb 8


Welcome to Round Rock Home Remodeling's blog! We are the top-rated local siding contractors in Round Rock. We provide siding services for residential and commercial properties. Our customer-focused approach is a hallmark of our company. To learn more about our services and to receive a free quote, visit our website.

Keep reading to find out the six signs you might need to replace siding Round Rock Tx.


You may feel overwhelmed by the many aspects of your new home. You no longer have to rely on your landlord to fix something or schedule maintenance. It's up to you. We recommend regular inspections of your exterior home to keep it in top shape. Look out for these signs when you inspect.


Your siding will die if it shows signs of decay or mold. The siding is the first line of defense against the elements. If it starts to rot or collapses, it will cease to be a viable defense. Mold, mildew, or excess moisture can often accompany rot. We recommend that you investigate the cause of your siding rotting and that you fix it. If your siding needs to be replaced, call your local siding contractors for a free quote.


Because they are not easily seen, cracks and gaps can be easy to see. These imperfections can not only ruin the appearance of your home but could also lead to more serious damage such as rotting or mold. This can ultimately affect your home's structural integrity. Cracks and holes are also a way for insects and other small creatures to gain access to your home. When replacing damaged siding, be sure to keep out free-loaders with four-, six, and eight-legged legs.


You may need to replace your siding if it is not in good condition. Wood siding is more maintenance-intensive than other types. Wood siding requires frequent sanding and refinishing. For some homeowners this can prove to be too much work. Investing in durable and low-maintenance siding materials will help them save time and money.


All of us want more money to spend as we like. So why should we pay more for our energy bills? You might be noticing an increase in your energy bills or that they are simply higher than you would like to pay. A poorly maintained siding can lead to drafts in winter, and make it almost impossible to cool your home during the hot Colorado summers. Certain types of siding offer greater energy efficiency, which could save you hundreds of dollars each year. Ask your siding contractor which siding material is most efficient for your home.


If you don't look for it, the warped siding could be a hidden danger that can cause serious damage to your home. Check for bulging, warping, or odd angles in your siding planks during your annual inspection. These types of damage are easiest to spot when you look upwards from your home's base. It is always best to inspect your siding from several angles when inspecting it. Remember that a siding that is damaged or missing from its original form, even though it looks like it's doing its job well, may not be an indicator of other damage.


Are you moving? You might want to upgrade your siding to increase its resale value. You can get the best return on your investment by replacing your siding. If you are just moving, it may seem counterintuitive that you replace your siding and put more money into your home. In some cases, you can get back more than half of the cost of new siding from the sale.

Asking the pros is the best way to find out.

There are many reasons to replace your siding. Local siding companies can provide a free inspection and a quote to help you determine when new siding is needed. They will tell you when your siding will need to be replaced, what type of siding will work best for you, and any other concerns that may exist before replacing your siding.


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