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Can vinyl siding ever be painted?

Feb 3

Can vinyl siding ever be painted?

We take pride in keeping our property looking as good as it can be. After many years of exposure to elements, vinyl siding will begin to fade. The question is: should we replace the siding, or should we paint?

We will be discussing the pros & cons of replacing siding or painting it. We will talk about the proper way to paint siding as well as the factors that can help you opt for replacing siding overpainting.

Painting old vinyl siding vs. siding replacement

Only changing the siding's color can improve the look of your house. What should you do? Should you just paint it over or replace it? Both can be beneficial. There are reasons you shouldn't paint your siding and other reasons to not replace it.

If homeowners are trying to do the right thing for their homes, and their pockets, then the painting vs. re-painting dilemma can prove stressful. We can help you make the right decision for your specific situation. We'll show you why painting your siding is better than replacing it. You will also find reasons why siding should not be painted and why replacing it is the best option.

You should consider these things before you make any decision about replacing or painting vinyl siding.

Although you might be eyeing a new vinyl siding material, you might also consider painting your existing siding to save money.

Consider the following:

  • The state of your siding. Whether it's protecting your home. Consider replacing siding that is over 20 years old. Then again, it will probably happen within the next five years. A professional siding contractor may inspect your siding for signs of wear and tear and recommend what steps to take.
  • Paint costs vs. the cost of replacing. There are some situations where it is cheaper to paint than to replace. If you have a unique color you are looking for and your siding is in good repair, painting could be a better option. For example, while the national average price for painting a home hovers around $3700, the average price for installing vinyl siding for a 1,500 square-foot home is about $5,500.
  • Conditions. If moisture is getting through or there are buckles or gaps, it's probably time to replace them. It is not wise to paint siding with holes, cracks, or sections that have rotted.
  • Aesthetic appearance. By painting your siding, you will make it more appealing to you and others. The same goes for siding. A new appearance will make other people jealous.
  • Enhance and preserve your home's worth. Applying a new coat of paint to your siding may increase its value by two-five percent. Many people believe that if you are trying to sell your house faster, it will cost you around 80 percent to replace your siding. It's important to consider the curb appeal which draws potential buyers to your property. The old siding would still have been there. Would they have been as eager to offer a price?
  • Warranty. Most siding contractors will work with siding suppliers that offer a guarantee on their products. If you are considering replacing your siding, be sure to check out the warranties. The warranty will be voided if the siding is repainted.

Ask a siding contractor for clarifications and to schedule an inspection. This will help you make an informed decision on what next steps to take.

Vinyl siding should be painted.

Siding won’t retain its original luster forever. The siding's protective coating can eventually wear. It will eventually begin to fade as the sun rays and the buildup of grime over time. Power washing is limited in its effectiveness, so it's likely that you will need to paint the exterior or replace the interior.

Choose VIS Exterior for your vinyl siding replacement

Vinyl is the most common siding material we use today at VIS. We can trust the siding manufacturers we work with to make a quality product that lasts.

Vinyl siding can be a great choice for those times when a painting job isn't possible. It will make your home look better and add curb appeal.

VIS is a siding company that works with some of the most respected siding manufacturers. Modern engineering has revolutionized the way vinyl siding is made. We have years of experience installing siding and are now the best choice for siding replacement.

Low cost and quick installation are the two main reasons our clients choose us. We also have many vinyl siding colors that homeowners love. Vinyl siding not only offers low costs, it is durable, but also looks great. All of this is meaningless if it's installed incorrectly.

Contact us today to talk about your options.


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